I was born and raised here in Colorado. I’m super fortunate that my parents got me outside from almost the second I was born. We had a bit of a rough time growing up, so the outdoors, art and school were always my outlet!

I started snowboarding in grade school and it was honestly my favorite thing ever and still is one of them. My parents would make an effort to get us out a few times a month and I’m forever grateful. Any day in the snow is a best day ever.

This love for the mountains and outdoors has brought me where I am today! I went to school for outdoor leadership and then studied chemistry and applied that to snow science. However, my love for art has also been lifelong. Throughout my childhood and teen years creativity was my priority. I would sit on the table with my mom from two years old while watching her snow, she and I would paint when I was little and we even designed a prom dress together. In high school, I was obsessed with pottery and photography and would spend all my time in the art rooms or working on projects at home. But I never thought I would be able to pursue art as a career. I thought maybe a science career study snow would maybe lead me somewhere photography related, maybe will at some point.

I didn’t pick up painting until I had a bad injury to my hip that lead to 2 hip surgeries and I started painting when I couldn’t venture outside. When I could hit the slopes again, I decided to start skiing as well because it was easier on my hips. That same year I started getting into the backcountry.

Fast forward a few years, I left the academic and science world to pursue my outdoor career. I still work full time for an outdoor company, but I’ve finally admitted to myself that I want to be a full-time artist and outdoorsy gal. Here is me voicing that childhood dream to the world. Welcome to the next chapter and be on the lookout for some sweet stuff!
  • The Painting

    You'll receive a 6x6 inch painting by the end of July. The painting will be of a scene from the road to Alaska or somewhere in Alaska. Some of the other locations on the road will include the Northern and Canadian Rockies and the Yukon!

  • The Story

    When I did a similar project on a smaller scale last summer, I felt like my adventure stories got wilder than usual. Spontaneous adventures sprung one out of another! I will always love sharing stories of the good 'ol chaos that comes with these adventures.

  • How it Works

    You pre-order or "reserve" your mini painting. Then, as I travel I will send out the paintings and write you the story behind it. Paintings will be sent out in the order of who bought them. So, the first to buy will receive them sooner!