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Custom Painted Apparel!

Custom Painted Apparel!

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I’ve wanted to offer this for so long! 

Send me your vintage clothes or any clothes and let me paint them!!

  • This service includes shipping BACK TO YOU, but not shipping your product to me! 
  • Acceptable forms of clothes will be: carhartt style jackets (canvas) and denim jackets. 
  • Time back to you will be two to four weeks. 
  • The paint will be heat pressed and machine washable as well. 

Once you purchase the service, I will contact you via email or phone and we will work out the custom painting.

  • You will receive up to two sketches with your custom piece. Once I am done sketching your piece, and begin painting the jacket revisions will only be made for an additional cost. It is much easier for me to revise a sketch than a painting.

I am offering 3 tiers of detail:

  • low detail: trees or a sleeve embellishment
  • medium: jacket pictured above with about 2/3 of the back filled
  • high detail: full back

I’m so stoked to make embellish your favorite jackets with your favorite things!

please reach out with any questions or if you’re not sure which level of detail to purchase!

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