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Southwest Trip Mini Painting Project!

Southwest Trip Mini Painting Project!

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Friends! I'm taking a trip of the Southwest late this August to early September!! I am launching a project where I take mini canvases (5x5 inches!) with me to plein air paint (paint outdoors at the location). At each location, I will find an adventure, paint the mini canvas, and write about it! You'll get to keep the handwritten story and each painting! This project is new to me and a test run for some bigger travel projects! Since Each location is listed below! My trip will run August 28th to September 9th, so that means you will receive your painting by the end of September!! These are super special and I am so stoked to launch this!!

  • Zion/ St. George
  • Las Vegas
  • Joshua Tree/Palm Springs
  • Tucson
  • Phoenix
  • Sedona
  • Moab
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